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برنامج Fix Driver Detective 2008.2.6 برنامج اكتشاف مشاكل التعريفات

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برنامج Fix Driver Detective 2008.2.6 برنامج اكتشاف مشاكل التعريفات

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[برنامج Fix Driver Detective 2008.2.6 برنامج اكتشاف مشاكل التعريفات

Fix and update driver detective software (Driver Detective) is designed to quickly locate the most current drivers specific to your computer system through its user friendly interface and access to an extensive database.
Driver Detective is the ideal tool for updating and optimizing your system with the latest drivers. Our fix and update driver software saves the frustration and extensive time investment usually associated with updating drivers.

With Driver Detective’s access to a database of over 7,500,000 million computer device associated drivers, Driver Detective continues to rank first in the computer driver update industry. Since 1996, Driver Detective has grown to 150,000 downloads daily and has been installed on over 12 million computer systems.

Main features:

- Maintain Up To Date Drivers:
Driver Detective identifies hardware devices that have been installed on your computer and will locate the most up to date drivers available for those devices.

- Drivers Specific to Your Computer:
If you own a Dell computer, Driver Detective will recommend drivers specifically for your Dell. Additionally, other manufacturers supported by Driver Detective include: HP, Compaq, and many more.

- Driver Backup Wizard:
With our fix and update driver software there is no need to worry about losing drivers again. The program has a built in wizard that allows you to copy (backup) your downloaded drivers to a CD, network drive, or USB flash drive.

- Integrated Customer Support:
Drivers HeadQuarters has a well-trained and experienced support staff available to help you, Driver Detective also has integrated customer support tools.

- Windows Vista Upgrade Wizard:
If you are considering upgrading to Windows Vista, use Driver Detective’s Upgrade Wizard first.

Download free trial version of Driver Detective now and forget about nasty driver problems once and for all

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